Custom Edmonton Basements

by davevass on April 4, 2014

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You might be wondering why we specialize in basement development. The truth is that basement are extremely overlooked by people. They tend to be, after all, the stuff that nightmares are made of: dark, moldy and cold. Here at PLANit BUILDERS, we see potential in that kind of basements. Our job is to turn something broken into something useful, modern and beautiful. We love basements with personality, basements that that reflect the owner’s character and basements that have more than one use. Custom basements give people the opportunity the let their imagination go wild. It is not uncommon for a basement to turn into an office, a second guest bedroom or even a gym. We love the freedom that comes with designing and completing a space so vast. What’s more, a finished basement tends to increase a house’s resale value—as if people actually needed another incentive to call on the help of PLANit BUILDERS.

So who is behind PLANit BUILDERS, exactly?

Let’s begin the introduction with some facts: Our design contractor has over 12 years of experience in the industry while our construction team has 35. Whatever it is that you are looking for in a basement, we can assure you that the finished results will meet your expectations. Each year, we visit over 1000 basements, ultimately pulling out more than 500 permits. Basement development is something that we love to do and it certainly reflects on the job. Introduction aside, there is one thing to remember about us: We value quality above all. We also love to share ideas. If your basement is in need of a complete makeover, we will be more than happy to brainstorm ideas with you. A custom basement should be carefully planned and designed. Some might argue, in fact, that the design part is actually the most important part of the entire process. Who are we to argue against that? Finally, we will be sure to take your budget into consideration so you do not have to worry about going over it. Before contacting us, we encourage you to look up some examples of remodelled custom basements online. A healthy dose of inspiration and ideas never hurts anyone!

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